Friday, January 8, 2010

Conquering The Divide

We recently moved to Foresthill, CA which is otherwise known in these parts and surrounds as The Divide. Driving out here it's easy to see why, with deep canyons dropping off both sides down to Forks of the American River. Breathtakingly beautiful. There is quite the Gold Rush history here as well. But that is not the purpose of my blog. There is an abundance of creativity up here, hidden away from prying eyes. I'm going to root it out and share it over the course of this year, along with my passion for quilting and crafting.

I am still unpacking boxes of fabric and thought about the opportunity this presented to organize my fabric stash a little better and I came across this video on you tube

Really Brilliant. I have been folding like crazy ever since watching it. Fabric sorted into colors, now I have a much more organized stash to select from when I want to quilt.

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