Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Tisket A Tasket Some Little Pink Baskets (Totes)

These were so FUN to make, and so QUICK!  It took longer for me to pick out fabric from my stash than it did to make them.  All total it took about 15 minutes to make the first one...because I was so focused on the directions.  The second one took about 10 minutes.  The second one has the prairie points...well actually they are the bits that I clipped off when making the container portion of the two totes, I just thought it might look cute on the border.  I stuffed them with chocolates and peppermint soap, and little white doilies that poked out the top looking like lace.  You could embellish them with buttons, ribbons, grommets, crystals, the possibilities are endless!  I think these would be cute stuffed with little candies at Easter for a little girl (or her mom), they make a nice little gift satchel (wouldn't these be cute in Christmas fabric! stuffed with cookies or even the mix to make cookies!)  If you want the pattern, just holler and I'll up load it.

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