Monday, March 29, 2010

Button Gift Tags

To give a little quilted gift, you have to have a little gift tag to go along with it.  I made a bunch of these one day.  They are made from simple tags that you can buy in bulk at the office supply store.  Take a few old buttons and a little dab of white glue, place them where you wish.  Embellish those buttons with small beads or other smaller buttons, draw a few leaves with a felt tip pen.  Now, take a Qtip and dab it in some colored chalk and rub that along the edges of your tag.  Finally take a fine tip black felt marker and make the "stitches". I like to tie these onto things with raffia which you can get in a small package, it's cheap and it will take years to go through.  Another way to attach them is with narrow satin ribbon, or the inexpensive gift wrapping ribbon that you buy, the kind you curl with the scissors.  It's all about saving money these days and this is a delightful way to have some fun creating a little tag out of things you may have on hand.

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