Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fabric Folding and Sorting Continues

Since our move, I have been giving great thought to the organization of my enormous fabric stash.  I am one of those people who cannot bear to part with even small pieces...I keep thinking I'll be able to make something out of that and it's wasteful if I toss it.  Well, I have come across a couple things that are making this process easier.   The first one is Fabric Folding around a 6 inch ruler.  I like this, I can see my fabrics and they are neat and orderly.  I have sorted them by color, which I am finding amazingly practical.  I use my fabric like paint and this let's me go to a color on the palette quickly and easily.   I am working my way through a box at a time and discovering things I had forgotten about.  It's a new adventure every day.  This is great for 1/4 yard and what to do with all the tiny scraps?

Well, I came across this site: 

After reading her thoughts, I think I will get some bins and sort my small scraps by color also.  When I am creating, I am looking for a particular color and this would effectively allow me to utilize these scraps in a pleasing manner.  I like her recognition that you paid good money for that fabric and it's a shame to toss it. Waste not, want not!

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