Thursday, July 8, 2010

Been looking around for ideas for my next project after I finish my patriotic twin quilts for John and I to snuggle under.  I saw this site with "boxy stars".  They look quick, easy and fun, so I think the next design will be something around this...

Also on her website is this photo of her stash...I can relate!  I have been folding boxes of fabric for weeks and sorting into colors, but you know what?  I realized that I have a lot of fabric, I don't need to go to the store for any fabric, I can clearly work out of my stash for many years to come.  I am a fabric junkie and you only have to ask my husband how I twitch when we pass a fabric store, it's pathetic.  If I had unlimited sums of money, I could wander for hours and hours, touching and feeling all the pretty colors, dreaming of future projects (ignoring those that have gone unfinished in my drawers at home)  My commitment to myself this year is to finish at least two of those UFO's.

So I have this pile of scraps on the living room floor which are not large enough to fold and keep with the stash, so I am on a mission of what to do with these pieces that are too small to fold but too big to toss.  I cannot bear to waste fabric, I don't know where that came from.  This last quilt that I am currently working on, I have forced myself to toss out anything that is less than 1 inch in width.  And every time I toss a piece into the trash I feel like a chicken killing dog.  I hear my grandmother's voice in my head "there are children starving in China".  I guess I could save them and send them off to China, but send them to who and exactly how much would that cost?  These are the kinds of obsessive compulsive thoughts that ramble around in my head.  Moving back to the ironing board or the sewing machine and continuing with the project, I try to refocus on something else to force them out of my head.   Sometimes it works and then sometimes I find my self standing over the trash to see if I inadvertently tossed out something of value.  SICK!

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