Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bowl of Fruit

Several years ago, I joined the Kelseyville Quilt Guild.  Great gals, lots of fun.  One of the projects was to take a photo and cut it into 12 pieces, each woman would take the photo home and translate their piece into a quilt block.  The blocks came back the next month and it would be your job to assemble them.  Below is the inspiration picture, I think the gals did a pretty good job.  I am still working on this with hand beading on the fruits and bits of leaves to cover areas that I think will need coverage.  It will make a nice wall hanging when I am done with it.  I think I'm going to piece in a bit of fabric on the left side where the block is a bit short.
The inspiration piece was out of a magazine, it was one of those decorator plates you could purchase to place on your wall.  I liked the vibe and the colors so...that was my selection.  When the gals translated it they used a variety of techniques, some dimensional which were very exciting to me.  I was a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out how I would get them all together so they sat for several years, until I joined the Colfax Junction Quilter's Guild and then I thought, heck, I'm gonna work to put this thing together.  I can't say that it was enjoyable trying to piece this together, but I am happy with the end result so far.

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