Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little House Quilt - Getting Started #1

Welcome and let's get started on your Little House Quilt.   You will need to start with a photo of a house that you want on your quilt, it can be another building, a church perhaps or a building of historical significance, the process will be the same.  If you have a digital camera and can load your picture onto your computer you will use Method #1 to create your pattern.  If you have a photograph only, then you will use Method #2 to create your pattern.  These quilts don't need to be large, I like mine about the size of a fat quarter give or take.  

Method #1:  Digital Camera:  take your photo and input it into your computer, use a photo editor software, like Microsoft Photo Editor or any photo editor software you may have to convert your photo from color to black and white or  using the effects tab, change your picture to a chalk and charcoal or a line drawing.  Print this out to the dimensions that you want for your pattern.  Make 2 copies.

Method #2:  Regular Photo:  take your photo to the copy shop and print it out in black and white, enlarged to the size you wish.  If you need a really big pattern, you can take your black and white copy to a Blue Printer and they will copy it for a couple bucks to the size you need.  Make 2 copies.
HINT:  You can use a fine or medium tip black marker to outline the various components on your pattern.
The process looks like this:

Your Colored Photo to Black and White, use either Method #1 or #2
Next, enlarge your black and white to your desired finish size.

The enlargement above has been taped together to achieve the size that I want for this project.  I did this on my office copy machine by selecting 141% and running the pictures through twice to get it to the size I wanted.  Be sure to make 2 copies of your desired size!   This house has pretty bold lines that are easy to see, but if it didn't, you could take a fine or medium black felt tip marker and a ruler, trace over the main features to make them more prominent.  You can see in the photo below that I have filled in some of the house lines with a marker to see them more clearly.  Do this on both copies of your pattern.

Materials List:
2 copies of your pattern.
Some Fusible Bonding, I like Mistyfuse because it's light weight and won't gum up your sewing machine, but any light weight fusible will do and if you have a paperback one, well, that is just fine also.  You can also use a quilting spray adhesive, or a powder bonding agent like Bo-nash 007 bonding agent.
A nonstick ironing sheet or the paper from your heat and bond.
A variety of fabric pieces to construct your "Little House" and it's surrounding landscape.
Scissors, sewing machine, threads, embellishments.

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