Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Ribbon from The Colfax Quilt Show!

Well here I am early in the morning, next to my entry. It was a nice little show, fun to walk the sidewalk and look at the beautiful quilts.  There was a broad array from beginner to advanced.  The back lighting on this picture doesn't help show off the colors, but when you were there in person, it was lovely to look at.

The local officials and local businesses, purchase ribbons to present to the quilt they like the best.  It's all very subjective, but that is the fun of it.  The first year I entered I received a ribbon from a local business, the second year I received a ribbon from California Department of Forestry, this year I received a ribbon from The City of Colfax.  It's fun to hear people comment on your work as they walk by, I could sit there all day and listen, but John would not do well, so off to Bob's Dogs we went for a celebratory lunch.  If you haven't been to Bob's Dogs in Colfax, you have to go!  And take your appetite with you.  At this point I didn't know if I had a ribbon for my quilt yet, so we were just celebrating the fact that it was in the show and people were making nice comments as they strolled by.  At 3pm I took off with Suzette Cowperthwaite to the Relief Society Women's Conference at the Stake Center in Auburn.  As our evening there drew to a close, I called my husband, because the anticipation was getting the better of me.  At first he wasn't going to tell me, said I would have to wait until I got home ( he wanted to see my face) but after a short bit of pleading on my part he spilled the beans!  Already planning the quilt for next year.

Here is the ribbon I received from The City of Colfax.

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