Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Quilts and Sun Dresses for the Twins

I have started a couple things today.  Two baby quilts and two reversible sun dresses.  The quilt is easy, you sew 10" squares of fabric together and then you cut them with an off set square and you get blocks that, when you place them next to each other, look like this:

This is a fun pattern.  I used the tool created by Country Schoolhouse designs.  You can order your own "Twister Tool" on their website at  I got mine at the local quilt show recently, only wish I had purchased the "Lil Twister Tool" as well.  This design and tool has been recently blogged about on Moda's blog  

Here is what the tool looks like, kind of hard to see against a white background so I have also shown it placed on the fabric before cutting and a piece that has just been cut.

This is just roughly laid out on the table and ready for me to stitch the squares together!  You can see the demonstration square from above inserted into the quilt 2nd row from the bottom, 2nd square over from the left.  There are instructions that come with the tool and like I said, I am really enjoying this,
 looks complex, but it's simple
Now...Border or No Border, that is the question...

  The pattern I am using for the sun dresses is a vintage McCall's pattern that I've had, #8250 circa 1996.  
Still adorable!

Here are the little dresses all cut out and ready to sew...

Come visit later and perhaps I'll have the little dresses done!

Here they are all done, just the buttons left!
All Packed up and ready to ship off, each twin has their own little sundress and quilt.

The finished quilts before sending

Pink flannel with tiny white dots for the reverse side of the quilt, soft and sweet with a minty border.

The other twin's package, these were so much fun!

Starting a new blue baby quilt for a little boy who will be born in late June, early July, he's not our grandson, but his parents are dear.

Sophie the quilt inspector, she has pronounced the top ready for quilting!

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