Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pot Holder Pass

I've joined a group on Flicker that is exchanging pot holders, this time they are including reusable grocery bags.  I've had a lot of fun with this project and I'm looking forward to the next one.  The other stipulation this time around was, the potholder cannot be square.  The bag was really fun to make, quick and easy, I'll be making several more for myself.  It fits right into the grocery bagging station at the store where you get the plastic bags.  The pattern I used is here:  Keyka Lou Grocery Bag

This chicken was fun to make, you can get the pattern here:  http://tipnut.com/chicken-pot-holder-vintage-pattern/

Red and Green Stack and Wack Quilt

This is in progress and I'm not sure how I want to proceed next.  Each of the center squares is different.  I like the design and may take it out further for a throw.  I like the secondary design that comes from the addition of the modified snowball block.  I had some old paisley fabric that I have had laying around for years and so I decided to cut it up and try a new technique.  By reversing some pieces of the fabric you can obtain a mirrored image which give you new possibilities.

The original paisley fabric

Some of the block combinations

Color Theory

Natures Palette is a great place to select colors

Here is another natural color example

I loved my box of crayons as a kid and this appeals to me.
All the different options!

Little reminders for me.
This is a wonderful link full of information on color and is a useful tool to anyone who loves to quilt.  I am putting it in my blog as a link for myself to utilize.   Link:  Color Wheel Basics