Saturday, June 16, 2012

Patriotic Heart Pins

Flag Day, Fourth of July...Great time to make up some little Patriotic Heart Pins!  You can make these hearts any time of year, in any fabric.  They are delightful and you could embellish them with embroidery, buttons, what ever your heart desires!

First you grab some scrap strips, the width is up to you.  For these hearts I used, 2 strips about 2 inches each.  I stitched them together and cut them into pieces that were 2 1/2 inches long, then I lined them up perpendicular to another 2 inch strip and stitched them together, cut them apart and you should have something that looks like this below:

I found a heart template online that was the size I wanted to use for my pins, printed it and cut it out.  You can see the trial placement above.

Next I lined them up on a piece of batting, cut a piece for the backing and gave them a light press. 

Placing the heart on one of the squares, I used a quilt pounce with white chalk in it to obtain the outline.  Repeating for all the squares.

Then I cut them apart with my rotary cutter, just to make them easier to stitch. 

Stitch, following the outline of the chalk, back stitching at the bottom of the heart to secure the threads. (you can pull them through to the back if you have nothing to do and time on your hands, but if you are making a gazillion for your friends, then just back stitch a couple stitches to secure and clip your threads)

The beauty of this chalk is that, when you are done stitching you can press them with a steam iron and the chalk disappears!  Here is a link if you don't have one...Full Line Stencils Quilt Marking Tools

Take your pinking shears and carefully cut around the outside of your stitching line to finish your piece. 

Heat up your glue gun and get some pin attachments from your craft store, a little hot glue to the pin, press in place and let it set up.  Make sure you put enough glue on the pin to ooze through the holes as that will help to secure the pin.

Hope you enjoy making these! 

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