Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sister's Choice Block

This Block has lots of possibilities!  And believe it or not, it's relatively easy to make.  Again we will practice chain stitching with this block.

From your packet of pre-cut fabric, you will need 4 of your 5" squares of your primary fabric and 4 of your 5" squares of your background fabric.  Placing right sides together, draw a diagonal line on one of the fabrics from each set.  Chain stitch a 1/4 inch seam down one side of the line, feeding your next set in without breaking your thread, continue till all four sets are stitched.  Raise your presser foot without breaking the thread, pivot and sew another 1/4 inch seam down the other side of the line.  Once you have completed all four of the sets, you will cut them apart and using your rotary cutter and a ruler, cut along the diagonal line that you drew between the stitches.  Press the units open.  You should have 8 half square components now.

Take these 8 half square components and square them up to 4 inches each.  These components coupled with the remaining 4 inch squares will create your block!

(I have left the center block out, you will need to cut that in class (4 inches square) from your left over fabric, according to your desired layout, see below)  Lay them out on your mat and when you have the design created in a pleasing manner, stitch one row at a time, paying careful attention to how things are laid out.  Once you have all the rows stitched, press them in opposite directions, match your seams as we have with previous blocks and stitch those rows together, again paying careful attention to order.

Here are some optional layouts.

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