Sunday, February 17, 2013

PPP Block 2 and 3

Block #2 - The Autograph.  Finished size 12.5"

PDF Link for Pattern

Fabrics:  You can have up to 6 different fabrics in this block if you wish.  You don't have to have that many, you can have any number from 2-6.  If you have 6 fat quarters you will have plenty for this block and a few more.

Some notes and reminders:  

1.  You will need 4 copies of the pattern for your block.  When you print them out, make sure you print actual size, not fit to page.  The little square needs to be one inch.

2.  Before you start to sew, stack 4 of the copies and removing all thread from your machine (including the bobbin) stitch through all the copies on the solid lines.  If you can't hold your paper together and stitch at the same time, use a little tape wrapped over the edges in a couple places to keep things lined up.  You can cut it apart after.  This "pre-stitching" makes it easy to remove the paper when the time comes, it also makes it easy to see where to fold the paper as we move through the process.

3.  No back stitching necessary, stitching beyond the lines is okay and desirable, just stay on the lines with your stitching.

4.  Finger press well before you go to the iron.

5.  Go to the iron before you trim off your excess.  Always making sure you have opened that next piece completely before you do any trimming.

6.  Do not remove your paper until you have assembled your entire quilt top or project.  This will keep your edges from rippling if they are not exactly on grain.

7.  Your glue stick is your friend, use it only on piece #1 of each block.  Use sparingly and only on the center of the #1 area, do not get glue in the seam lines.

8.  If you don't think you can keep your fabric aligned while you sew, you can use a piece of tape along the seam edge, outside of the area where you are stitching.  Remove before ironing.

9.  REMEMBER, we are stitching on the side of the paper that has the lines, we are placing our fabric on the opposite side.  It will take a little thought the first few times, after that you will get it.

10.  You can shorten your stitch length which will make it easier to remove the paper later, but be aware that if you make a mistake, it will be a bit of a challenge to get your stitches removed.  (that's why I like to perforate the paper before hand.)

11.  If you are new to paper piecing, I will suggest that you select fabric with an all over pattern rather than a directional fabric.  It makes it easier to just stitch along without a care and have beautiful results.

12.  If you are advanced and want to try some directional fabrics, refer to block #1 for a brief explanation how to successfully use directional fabrics.  

Refer to the directions for paper piecing block #1...all blocks will have the same general instructions.  Always start with #1 and work your way from there.  

Link for general directions and tips:  General Directions for Paper Piecing and Tips

Block 3  - New Star

Here are some blocks created by the gals in our class

You can change up the block by simply turning the quarter blocks 

Have fun, experiment with color, you can see the variety that color and contrast can provide.  Valerie fussy cut her fabrics for her New Star Block with a beautiful effect!  Here is a mock up for a quilt using all the same block.  Pretty!


  1. I tried opening the PDFs for the two new patterns and there was nothing there. Any ideas what may be wrong? Thanks -

    1. Try updating your Adobe Reader first. Then try the link at the upper right corner of this page and load your patterns from there. Let me know if you are having difficulty.