Friday, May 24, 2013

Flickring Over To Ipernity! And Loving It!

Many of you by now, are aware of the horrible decision that Flickr made to change it's format.  I have done some exploring and have found as a new place to continue sharing in a format that is condusive to group interaction.  I actually think that it offers much more than Flickr. 

Honey Bee, she sees it all from her perspective!

Many of you have tons of photos on Flickr already, I have over 1,300.  Well, do not distress.  Ipernity has a quick and easy way to migrate your photos over to your new Ipernity site with little effort. This morning I have transferred almost 900 photos in under a half hour, while quilting...LOL.   All I had to do was push the button and it has transferred my photos, my comments, my tags, everything!  And, it has preserved my Flickr site, nothing has changed if Flickr ever gets it's act together I could still play there, but I kind of doubt they will.

Eye Candy Break
My new Flickr site is  and when you come for a visit, you will notice at the masthead of the page, I have my blog address!  Awesome!  You can put any comment you want on your masthead.  Just like Flickr, Ipernity is FREE.  You can do all you want without joining.  I have paid the $29 annual fee to support the site and have expanded options, but you do not have to do that.  Again, very easy to use, great instruction and very responsive tech support folks!

Come for a visit, hope you'll join and lets have some interactive fun, sharing our art!

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