Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Flickr Disaster!

Sometimes folks just don't know when to leave well enough alone!  Not sure if you all have visited Flickr lately, but they have made dramatic sweeping changes that have pretty much destroyed Flickr for me as a viable option for sharing my art in group formats as I wish to, to be able to have the feedback that is valuable to me and to be able to see things at a glance rather than have to pour over the site, waiting for things to load, to accomplish what I did before.  

I'm not going to spend a great deal of time on my blog running them down.  I'm sure it's a financial choice that they are making.  Never the less, it doesn't work for me.  So I am going to, over the next several weeks, move my photos to .  I will still be using the name Applekrisp and will post a link for our group share as soon as I create it.  I'm hoping over the holiday weekend to be able to get some of that done. 

Here is the link for my new site at Ipernity...

Mind you I have not put up photos yet, so give me a little time on this and we will have it up and going!

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