Friday, July 25, 2014

New Giveaway! $35.00 Gift Certificate to Hawthorne Threads

We achieved our 500 "Likes" milestone on our new FB page  So we are on to the next goal of 600 "Likes".  To show our appreciation we are giving away a gift certificate for $35.00 at Hawthorne Threads!  To enter the drawing, you simply go to our Facebook page, "Like" it (make sure that you hover your mouse over the "Like" button and select "Get Notifications"  You won't want to miss any of our Giveaways!)  Look for the Post with the picture shown above, leave a comment and share it on your Facebook page.  That's it!  That's all you have to do and you will be entered for the drawing.  Now I want to share a little about Hawthorne Threads and their fabulous website.

Hawthorne Threads  What can you say about a fabric company that is brought to you by two love birds that love fabric!  Well plenty! I could spend hours on end, looking at all the modern and exciting fabrics they have at Hawthorne Threads.  Let me point out some great features of their Fabric Site!

When you type into your browser you land on Lindsay's Picks...They are always fabulous!  Here are the current selections...

Along the left side you can select how you want to browse their fabrics...but before you go there...get familiar with their Tiered Pricing...a wonderful system of discounts for you that are automatically calculated at your check out.  Make sure you are logged in first!

A fun feature, when you click on a fabric that you like, scroll down a bit, people have uploaded samples of different kinds of work using that fabric. You will get a real world feel for what that fabric can look like in a project.  Also as you scroll down the page you will see other fabrics that will coordinate with the one you are selecting, they will show you alternate colorways and if you like a particular color in the print, they will show you other fabric lines that have similar color in their prints by just clicking on a color you like under "find coordinates by colors in this print"

Right under their logo, you will find a search bar.  Since our Facebook theme this month is Christmas in July... Searching Christmas you will find an amazing selection of all things Christmas for your quilting pleasure!  

Want to know what the latest arrivals are?  Want to be on the cutting edge of their fabric universe?  Click the "New Arrivals" button at the top and let yourself leisurely peruse the offerings.

Along the left of their page are different ways you can search your fabrics.  Maybe you like pre-cuts, maybe you have a favorite designer, a color or theme you are working with.  There are literally endless ways for you to search their fabric selections, endless ways that will inspire you and help you to see fabric and color combinations you may not have thought about previously.

They carry Aurifil Threads.  And a great selection of patterns, be sure to look at those... some are PDF format so you can get them immediately.  I love this Spice Market Tote by Amy Butler.

While you are cruising their site, ENTER TO WIN!  YES!!!  They have a giveaway!  OH, can it get much better?   Well, yes actually! They change weekly but this week's giveaway features the Arizona line of fabric, a yummy fat quarter bundle of goodness! Get over there quick and enter!

See what wonderful things 2 love birds can create?  I knew you'd love them.  

We will be holding our month end drawing at our Sister Of The Divide Facebook Page on July 31st. Be sure to scroll waaaaay down our Facebook page and enter that drawing.  Each month we will be giving away a fun quilting/sewing tool that you will want to add to your goodies.  Nothing ever to purchase, just visit, leave a comment on the post and share!  This month we are featuring The 3 in 1 Color Tool.  An absolute must have for quilters.  This tool will help you effortlessly coordinate your colors.  Never go shopping for fabric without it!

If you have been reading the posts on our Facebook page, you will have noticed that are theme currently is Christmas in July.  At the end of the Month, we will post links to all of the tutorials featured, here on our blog.  You will have one go to place to link up with everything you see.  


Friday, July 11, 2014

$50.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway to

To celebrate when we get to 500 page "Likes" on our Facebook we will be giving away a gift certificate worth $50.00 to  You can pick out any kind of fabric you like!  Wheeeee a shopping spreeee!  And you will LOVE

Free Shipping on orders $35+

To Enter you must do three things:  

#1.  Go to our Facebook page at
and "Like" it by clicking on the button at the top of the page, select the down arrow on that button to make sure you are getting all our notifications.  

#2.  Look for the post about the drawing and leave a comment on that post.  

#3. Share that post on your facebook page or with your friends.

It's that simple!  Nothing to purchase.  Drawing will be held when we reach 500 page likes.  

Remember...we always have two drawings on the page.  One is a "like" drawing and the other is a "monthly" drawing.  Scroll waaaaay down the page and look for the posting featuring the 3-in-1 Color Tool.  We will be drawing for that at the end of July.  To enter that drawing, again, nothing to just comment on the post and share it!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kaleidoscopes and Stacks, Oh My!

"fairyland" by De Leon Design Group for The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection

When I was a child, playing with a kaleidoscope was sheer joy, all the colors and shapes moving and reflecting the light.  If you just moved the scope the slightest bit you got a completely different fractal display of color.  

As an adult and a quilter, you can STILL have that sheer joy and with fabric no less!  Can it get any better than that?  I think not. there is a product called Kaleidoscope Kreator 3, inexpensive and filled with creative opportunity.

Here is a demo video that shows how this works.

Now that is great right?  You can see the possibilities for scrapbooking definitely...well, you can use it for quilting by printing the saved Kaleidoscope onto fabric, or using the template to explore design options for a stack quilt.

Ever wonder if that fabric you purchased will work for a Stack quilt?  Want to see the possible design options before you start cutting fabric?  I took the fabric at the top of the blog and used the Kaleidoscope Kreator and here are just a few of the designs that popped up.  I knew this fabric would be fabulous!

All out of the one fabric!

There are over 65 different template shapes to explore!  Hexagons, circles, squares, stars, you name it!

Do you see the mouse or
 do you see the two fairies sitting next to each other?

Okay, excited?  I thought you might be!  Now, think about this...You are in the fabric store or surfing online and you find what you think will be a perfect fabric for a Kaleidoscope Quilt.  Fabric can be a bit pricy for trial and error purchases.  What happens if you take a photo of an entire repeat of the fabrics that you are interested in...or if you are on the net, download a jpeg of the fabric you like.  Now open those files in your Kaleidoscope Kreator and start playing...see if that fabric is going to do what you want, does it look the way you thought it would?  No?  Nice not to be out $40, $50, $60 or more depending on the number of repeats you need for your quilt.  Do you see the potential?  Audition your fabric and then purchase!  Want to make a one block wonder and not sure if that fabric will work?  Check it out!  Then go create something like this!

Kaffe Fassett One Block Wonder by Karen Meyer

Here is the original fabric that this quilt was created from...

Kaffe Fassett Cloisonne Black
Run, don't walk, spend the $38. or so and get this tool for your quilting arsenal.  If you go to their website, you can purchase the download right there or a CD, they also have a listing of local retailers and of course, it's available on I have seen it priced as low as $20.  

There is another program that you can use to play with your saved kaleidoscopes once you create them.  Go To and use their Mosaic Maker to mock up a quilt.  Here are the original fabrics which I photographed at the fabric store, made up into circle stacks and dropped into the Mosaic Maker to mock up a couple possibilties.

Starting fabric and resulting stacks

You can drop in any color background you want, I used the picker on Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 to select the green from the leaf in the print.

Here is another...

So much fun and I didn't purchase or cut either of these fabrics! Both would make good stacks...I didn't select either but opted for the Fairyland fabric instead.  The Mosaic Maker program will also allow you to put larger space between your blocks and use different colors for the "sashing and borders"

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

And MORE Giveaways!

If you are new to our Facebook page...each month we will have a drawing held at the end of that month for a quilting tool or notion. That post will be on our Facebook page and you will have to scroll down and look for the month goes on and I post more items, you will need to scroll further down to find it. There is no purchase necessary, you simply need to "like" our page, leave a comment on that post, and share the post on your page with your friends. 

In addition to that Giveaway, there will be one that is pinned to the top of our page, that Giveaway will be held when we reach the ascribed number of page "likes". The faster we get there, the quicker the drawing is held. Again, no purchase is necessary, you simply "like" our page, leave a comment on the post and share with your friends on your page! 

Occasionally, as the mood strikes me, I may have a special will just need to keep your peepers open!  Good Luck!

Right now, there are two giveaways on our new Facebook page...look for these posts...

Don't Miss Out!