Wednesday, July 2, 2014

And MORE Giveaways!

If you are new to our Facebook page...each month we will have a drawing held at the end of that month for a quilting tool or notion. That post will be on our Facebook page and you will have to scroll down and look for the month goes on and I post more items, you will need to scroll further down to find it. There is no purchase necessary, you simply need to "like" our page, leave a comment on that post, and share the post on your page with your friends. 

In addition to that Giveaway, there will be one that is pinned to the top of our page, that Giveaway will be held when we reach the ascribed number of page "likes". The faster we get there, the quicker the drawing is held. Again, no purchase is necessary, you simply "like" our page, leave a comment on the post and share with your friends on your page! 

Occasionally, as the mood strikes me, I may have a special will just need to keep your peepers open!  Good Luck!

Right now, there are two giveaways on our new Facebook page...look for these posts...

Don't Miss Out!  

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