Friday, July 17, 2015

Where to find The Real GOLD In Placer County!

Placer County in Northern California is famed for the 1849 gold rush, 49er miners would come from all over the world to try their hand at placer mining in the hopes that they would get rich...although those days of golden glory are gone, there is still plenty of REAL GOLD to be found for quilters at the Sugar Pine Quilt Shop!  This quiet unassuming little building is packed to the rafters with a wonderful eclectic mix of fabrics.  You will never be disappointed and I challenge you to leave their shop without purchasing a basket full of fat quarters!  It cannot be done!

Located in historic Grass Valley the home of the Empire Mine. You can find them at 452 South Auburn Street, Grass Valley, CA 95945.  They are open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm.


The Empire Mine operated for 106 years, from 1850-1956, producing some 5.8 million ounces of gold from 367 miles of underground workings. The Empire Mine was the richest individual gold mine in California

George Roberts, the original discoverer of the gold, on what became known as the Ophir vein,  soon sold his interest and by 1869 William Bourn Sr. owned controlling interest. The Bourn family maintained control of the mine until 1929 when it was sold to Newmont Mining. Newmont also purchased the North Star Mine, resulting in Empire-Star Mines, Ltd.

By the 1950s, inflation costs for gold mining were leaving the operation unprofitable. In 1956 a crippling miners strike over falling wages ceased operations. The mine was officially closed a year later on May 28, 1957 when the last water pumps were shut and removed.

In 1975 the State purchased the surface property as the Empire Mine State Historic Park.

There is no need for you to get dirty and ride underground to 

find the treasures that abound at Sugar Pine!

Do you like Kaffe and Jacobs...they have it, like batiks....they have it, like Michael Miller...they have it, like contemporary...they have it, like traditional...they have it...oh, I could go on for hours but you get the idea.

Everyroom, every nook and cranny has quilter's notions, rulers, pins, patterns, ideas, inspiration.  If it's not here, you don't need it. Each room that you walk into, invites deeper exploration.

"Why yes I am purchasing more of that cute little house fabric and what is it that you are cutting fabric for right now?" I asked Ann as she measured my fabric..."We are teaching a class in Happy Villages by Karen Eckmeier " she said.  "Let me see that book, I think I need that, that looks like fun!"  She explained the technique and the book flew into my basket.  It's like that at Sugar Pine, it's contagious creativity at it's best!

Every room has just a little different flavor, exciting unexpected patterns, books and fabrics are at every turn.  Your mind will be spinning very quickly.  There is even a little window seat where you can sit quietly and look through the quilt books and baskets of patterns.

Sometimes you just want a fat quarter of that special fabric, you may be collecting for a particular project or just love that one fabric...well, no problem!  Ann will cut you a fat quarter of absolutely any fabric in the store!  Often you will find the fat quarter already cut and on the shelf under your selection or rolled up and poking out the top of the bolt.  Your wish is their command.
You never need to go home and say, I wish I could get a fat quarter of that fabric I loved but they only cut a  1/2 yard minimum...not here! You want a fat quarter of that fabic, well by golly, that is what you will get!

Cheerful corners await you filled with treasures!

Sample flimsies and beautifully finished quilts are at every turn.

There are fun projects for you above every shelf of fabric.

Fabrics are somewhat color coordinated for your viewing pleasure, just know that you will be easily side tracked by flickers of color everywhere. You've heard of the legendary Gold Fever...well that is nothing compared to the Fabric Fever Frenzie that will bite you when you enter!

Precuts, jellyrolls, layer cakes, sale's all here waiting for you.  As you enter the store, be sure to grab one of their little baskets, it can get cumbersome balancing all your bounty!

The gals are happy to help you put together a run of fabric for the project you are working on.  I get carried away everytime I go into their store, I just love it! So here are my purchases for today...I added some white and black.  The dot and the bees I have in my stash but I wanted a little more.

These pinks and this aqua were singing to me...they also will go in my stash.

This gray and this yellow are going to be a table runner, mostly gray with pops of colored squares and rectangles, the yellow may or may not make it into this project, but it's in my stash now...

This batik with the blue dots will be the background in a winter wall hanging that I am collecting for.  Originally I was going to get some white fabric and dye it, but this batik is absolutely perfect for what I am doing...More to be revealed.

And of course, I had to purchase some more of this little house fabric.  Crazy for it...I used it last year to make a table topper and I am in love with it!

And finally these little penguins were dancing and singing to me...I could see them out of the corner of my eye and they danced their way right into my basket!  After all, Christmas is coming!

If you have the opportunity to get to Northern California, be sure to take the time to visit the Sugar Pine Quilt Shop, you will NOT be disappointed and you will surely discover the Real Gold in Placer County!

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