Saturday, April 2, 2016

#GIVEAWAY Striking Strip Quilts by Kate Henderson

Lots to catch up on!  Let's start it off with a GIVEAWAY! I've been tripping through the pages of Kate Henderson's book Striking Strip Quilts published by Martingale Books. Do you love working with 2.5" precut strips? This is the book for you! Fresh designs, all using 2.5" strips. Great way to clean up your scrap bin, use up some fabrics and clear the way for new yummies, all the while creating something glorious that you will love! Suitable designs for a multitude of fabric styles, from modern to traditional and everything in between.  I think you will really love this book.

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Let's catch up...

Finished the Celtic Solstice by Bonnie Hunter.  I did not do the round for the border, it was already plenty big enough for our bed without it. 

For the binding I used a technique called Flanged Binding and I love the finish. Great tutorial for the technique is available online.

Here is a link for the tutorial by Sew Fresh Quilts, I will post this under tutorials as well so we can all refer back to it when we like.

Lots of fun quilts and inspiration have been posted on our Facebook page this month. After you tackle a quilt that has a gazillion pieces, it's fun to take on something light and quick. I am working on a quilt that combines two blocks from two different inspiration quilts. 

The first block is a simple square in a square. Highly suitable for a layer cake. There are lots of tutorials out there on this block so I'm not going into great detail here other than to give you the basics. 

Bock #1  Square in a Square.  I am using Tanya Wheelan fabrics and just mixing it up. 

Start with (2) 10" blocks.

Stacking them, cut a strip off each end measuring 2.5" each. Set those aside. (do not stack more than 4 pieces of fabric for cutting)

From the middle piece that is remaining, cut a strip off the top and the bottom that measure 2.5" each.  

Taking these to your machine, stitch a contrasting outside strip to your center block on both ends to look like this:

Now take your two long strips of your contrasting fabric and stitch them to each side as shown below. You will have some bits hanging over the end, it's okay, don't freak out, that's exactly how it should be. 

Take your ruler and trim these bits up square with your block and you are finished!  Pretty!

Have fun, mix it up, don't be afraid! Here are a few of my blocks.

Block #2 Snowball Block.  

Here is how you make the Snowball Block:

Cut a 9" square from your background fabric and (4) 2.5" squares from your accent or contrast fabric.

Using the marker of your choice, make a line diagonally across each small square, from one corner to the other, as shown above. I used a Clover chalk marker.

Pin one of the small squares in each corner as shown with your line touching the edge of the block as shown. 

Stitch directly on the line you have drawn on each corner piece of your block as shown above.

Take your ruler and rotary cutter, cut just 1/4 inch to the RIGHT of your stitching line. (save your cut bits, they make great leaders and enders)

Your block is all trimmed up and you are ready to press. Press all your seams with your iron to set them and then finger press them open to make sure your seam is open completely before you press it.  

Your finished block should look like the one above. Combine the two blocks and this will be our quilt.  Twin Size 64" x 82". for larger sizes, just add more blocks. Alternate blocks, stitching in rows from left to right. Press your seams to the square in a square blocks on each row. They alternate so when you go to stitch your rows together the seams will nest perfectly. 

Here's a little sneak peek.

Thank you to my husband who is 6'5" tall for holding up his end.

Flimsy is done and ready to quilt! This will be twin bed size and will go up for sale once it is quilted. Make sure you get over to our Facebook page and enter to win the giveaway this month! 

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  1. thank you for the great tutorials. Fairly new to quilting and am trying to learn and your tutorials help.