Friday, November 11, 2011

Bitty Blocks From Left Over Scraps

I've been up since 3am, thinking about ways to use up scraps and what I want to make.  I have several ideas for stocking stuffers in mind. I am also auditioning scrappy projects to use in the Newby Quilting Bee sew along starting in January 2012.   And I have an enormous stash of scraps.  So I took out the scraps left from the Red Rover Quilt that I made for our granddaughter and decided to play.  Looking through the bits, I noticed some left over triangular pieces and stitched them together to make rectangles, then cut those in half again to make squares.  I didn't square up the rectangular pieces but did square up the small 2 inch squares.  Then played with those putting four together to create a little bitty block that has a star in the middle as a result of the scrappy bits.  I am planning to use these this morning to create an armchair sewing caddy like the one blogged about at "During Quite Time"  

All finished and neatly folded up. 

 I had some pips hexies that I found in my hexie stash and used those on the outside ends for interest. Stitching around them with white cotton thread.  The gray fabric is Kona cotton which I have quilted in a simple grid pattern.  I used the gray Kona cotton for the inside  base as well.  There was just enough red to bind the whole together.

I used the "Bitty Blocks" for the pockets on each end and the pincushion in the middle.

Here we are pressed into duty and ready to go!  

I've added a little Pips Clips Catcher and Spool Holder

When you are done with your sewing, the thread catcher will unbutton and fold neatly into one of the side pockets.

This was an enjoyable project...and I get to use it every day!  ;-)


  1. Totally perfect and love it to "bits".heh.ehe.h.e.

  2. I love every detail you put into this fabulous pincushion!! It's wonderful!! :)

  3. Very sweet!!! My sister made me one of these caddies for my birthday. They are really useful and adorable.

  4. This is awesome! I have a few versions from long ago lying around here somewhere... because I'm not that crazy about them. THIS ONE I would be tickled to use all the time. Very smart and very lovely! Great job putting those scraps to use!