Sunday, October 5, 2014

Candy Corn Table Topper Tutorial

This is a tutorial for making the Candy Corn Table Topper.  If you want a fast and easy project, this is a good one.  It took me about an hour, start to finish, with taking photos along the way.  Mind you, this has not been quilted yet, but I think probably another hour of time and I could have it quilted and the binding on.

Okay, here we go, start with 5 strips cut 2.5" x WOF 
(Width of Fabric 40-44")  
mix up lights, darks and mediums for visual interest.  

Stitch your strips together in a strip set and press all the seams in one direction. Doesn't matter which way, they just all need to go in the same direction.  TIP:  make sure your seams are all the way open.

Now take a look at your quilt ruler, look for the 60 degree marks. Don't get them mixed up with the 45 degree marks or you'll have a mess.  You might want to put a colorful sticker at one end to remind you.

Lay your ruler on your fabric and line up the 60 degree line with the first seam on your set. Make sure the bottom of the ruler is on the fabric before you make a cut.   Trim away the fabric to the left of the ruler as shown below.  Make sure your ruler doesn't move when you are cutting.  The first cut is very important.

Okay, now move your ruler and line up that 60 degree line with the cut side of your fabric as shown below.  See how we are creating that 60 degree triangle?  Okay, now cut your fabric along the right side of the ruler, as shown below.

Now, without turning your fabric, turn your ruler and line up that 60 degree mark along the cut edge of your fabric as shown below.  Again, you will make your cut on the right side of the ruler as shown below.  You will continue to do this, alternating your ruler back and forth until you reach the end of the strip set.  You should have 6 triangular pieces.

If you have done as instructed, you should have 6 triangles.  You will notice by cutting 3 right side up and 3 upside down that we have two different looking sets of triangles.  Alternate these for your layout as shown below.

We will sew this together in two sets as shown below.  All seams will be pressed OPEN.  

Take one triangle and place it right sides together on the other.  Now this is the cool part.  Since we ironed all the fabric seams in one direction to start, they will nestle together.  Nest your seams and place a pin next to the seam to keep things lining up properly. This seam is on the diagonal so be careful when you are stitching and don't over stretch the seam, you can give a little tug to get things lined up if necessary.

Nest your seams as shown below, you will feel them nest together, then tuck a pin next to the seam.

When you have stitched your seam, press it open as shown below.

You are now ready to attach the third triangle.  Make sure you alternate colorways.  Note the tip or rabbit ear that is sticking out. Don't cut it off.  Leave it, we will use it to match up the tip of our next triangle as shown below.

Now stitch 1/4 inch starting at the intersection of that tip and the other side as shown below.  Press your seam open. and it should look like the one below.  Leave that little tip, it will help us line things up, you can trim it after.

Do the same for the other 3 triangles.  You should have two halves sewn together now.   Take a pin and put it through the intersection of the point on one half and through the same point on the other to line them up right sides together.  Keep this pin perpendicular to your fabric and place a couple pins on either side before you remove it as shown below.

As before, nest all of your seams, placing a pin next to each one to keep your fabric from moving and stitch your final seam.  Trim off any remaining bunny ears and press your seam OPEN.  You are ready to quilt and bind your Candy Corn Table Topper!  It will take two strips of fabric 2.5" x WOF (width of fabric 40-44") stitched together to bind your little table topper.  Finished size is about 23 inches in diameter.   You can increase or decrease the size of your table topper simply by using wider or narrower strips in your strip set.  The table topper will finish at about twice the width of your strip set.  

Over The Rainbow Table Runner

To make this runner you will need:

2 Charm Packs, one light and one medium to dark. 
(fabrics used are Over The Rainbow Batiks by Moda)

1/2 yard of fabric for backing 40-44" wide.

1/2 yard of thin cotton batting.  (I like Warm and Natural brand)

3 strips - 2.5" x WOF (width of fabric) for the binding.

1 EZ Dresden Ruler

Use the instructions shown on our blog post to create the pieces necessary for the X block.  You will need 32 charms for the X and 32 charms for the background.  Click this link for the instructions.

You will make a total of 8 blocks.  Lay your colors out first to make sure you have them in your desired location before stitching your X-blocks. Make a total of 8 X-blocks.  

I like to stitch my top block to my bottom block, and I do this for the remaining blocks. You have four pairs stitched together.  Now stitch the first set to the second and the third set to the fourth.  You have two sets of four blocks sewn together.  Now stitch those two sets together and you are done!

Make a quilt sandwich with your batting and backing fabrics and quilt as desired.  Trim your backing and batting even with your quilted top.   Stitch your binding fabric strips together on the bias, fold them in half and press them in half lengthwise.  Bind the edges of your runner, mitering your corners.

BONUS:  By cutting your fabric using this method, you will quickly see that you have (at the same time) cut the fabric for a second table runner in the opposite color position!  One for you, one for a gift?  

Fabric purchased from our friends at!

Friday, October 3, 2014

UPDATE - GIVEAWAY! Bumble Fat Quarter Bundle by Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics

Jude Edling CONGRATULATIONS! You are the Winner of the Bumble 15 Fat Quarter Bundle-Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics. Please message me with your mailing address and we will get them out to you right away! For those that did not win this round, be sure to enter for our Monthly Quilter's Tool Giveaway! You could win the Hex N More Ruler this month! Look for the post on our Facebook page or enter on our blog by simply leaving a comment! Watch for our next Giveaway, always something fun! BIG Thanks to our friends at Fat Quarter Shop for making this Giveaway possible! Please be sure to visit their site at Always amazing and SEW MUCH MORE THAN FABRIC!

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To celebrate 1000 Likes on our Facebook page we will be giving away a Bumble Fat Quarter Bundle by Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics!  This is made possible by the great folks at!  You can go to their website and check out the entire line, it's AWESOME!  Yes, I am in love!!!

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Good Luck!

Be sure to check out our post for the Monthly Quilting Tool Giveaway.  This month's tool is the Hex N More Ruler!

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Monthly Quilt Tool Giveaway - Hex N More

First of all, Congratulations to Charlene Tudor who won our EZ Dresden Ruler Giveaway for last month!  She has a brand new baby niece to sew for and I know she'll be creating something fun!

On to this months Monthly Quilt Tool Giveaway!  The Hex N More ruler by Jaybird Quilts!  Oh the possibilities this holds.  Just look at what you can do with it...4 shapes in 4 sizes with one ruler! Hexagons, Triangles, Half Hexagons and Jewels.  You know you want one!!!  

Okay, here is what you have to do to enter: 
Leave a comment below.
Go to our Facebook page at and find the post with the same picture as above.  
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TIP:  scroll to the first of the month posts, we always post this giveaway around the first of the month.  

That's all.  Nothing to purchase ever.  

Each Hex N More comes with complete detailed instructions showing you how to cut the different shapes and sizes, it even tells you how many you will get from your strip of fabric!

If you get impatient and you think you need one right away, our good friends at Fat Quarter Shop have them in stock and you can purchase one today!

Tutorials for the Hex N More Ruler are on website at Jaybird Quilts.

Check back, we will be posting tutorials and some fun inspiration for things you can create with the Hex N More tool! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

EZ Dresden Ruler X Block Tutorial aka Hummingbird Block

Earlier today I posted a beautiful scrappy quilt designed and made by Squares and Triangles.  Below is the photo of that quilt.

She created this quilt using the EZ Dresden Ruler and a paper piecing method.   I will demonstrate a method different from hers to create your own scrappy quilt!  You will of course need The EZ Dresden Ruler shown below.

I am using two Over the Rainbow Batik Charm Packs by Moda from the fabulous 

I have made some little video clips to demonstrate how to do this. Sophie, our kitty, decided she needed to get in the picture so there is a bit of a break between one and two, but I think you will pick it right up.

If you are making a scrappy quilt, gather up your bits and cut yourself some 5" squares.  Light in one pile and medium and darks in another.  You will need four of your light 5 inch charms and four of your medium or dark 5 inch charms.  This will make 2 blocks that will measure 8.5" when complete and will finish in your quilt top at 8".


1.  Draw a line with a permanent marker down the center of your ruler, this will help line things up perfectly.  

2.  To keep it from sliding around, I use paper crafting adhesive micro dots on the bottom of my ruler .  It's very important to line your ruler up properly and not allow it to slip as you cut your fabric. There are lots of adhesive micro dots out there, you probably have some in your crafting supplies.  I like the micro dots because they are not overly sticky and yet they do the trick.  You can see a sample of the dot size on this photo below.  You may have another solution that works for you and that is fine.  The goal is to make sure your ruler does not slip.

3.  Do not stack and cut more than 4 charms at a time.  You will lose your accuracy if things are forced or are sliding around.  Be sure if you are cutting 4 pieces that you take the time to line them up carefully.  A little attention to detail makes for easy piecing later.

To square up your blocks you will lay your block as shown below, line your ruler up with the outside squares and trim off the excess with your rotary cutter as shown.  Each block should square up to 4.5".  

Tips for lining up your block:   

Line your ruler on the outside edge of the pinked edge of the charm square. (when you purchase charm squares they often come with a pinked edge which confuses people...cut to the outside edge and when you stitch, use that pinked edge as the point you measure from to get your 1/4" seam allowance.) 

Position your block as shown below and line your diagonal line on your ruler up with the upper right and lower left corners, then trim. Turn your block completely around so that the large end of your wedge piece is now in the upper left.  Again, line up your square on the diagonal, check to make sure that you have 4.5" showing on your ruler on both the upper left and lower right corner, then trim away the excess.  

Take your time with this process.  Getting a nice squared up block will help you piece things together accurately as you go along.   Chain piece all your blocks at one time, one side, then press that seam open and proceed to chain piece all your blocks on the other side, again press them all open at the same time.  Then, take your blocks, get comfortable, turn on the tv, some music or a quilting video from Youtube and get all your blocks trimmed.  Then you will be ready to stitch them together without interruption.  Quick as a wink you will have your quilt top finished!  

There is very little waste with these blocks, you can see the tiny bit of trimmings below. 

Now sew the top two blocks together and the bottom two blocks together and then press them with the seam going in opposite directions.  Now stitch your top two blocks to the bottom two blocks and press your seam open.  Should look like below.

I am playing on the design wall with some blocks today...Love the Fall Harvest feel of these fabrics.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  We are giving away the EZ Dresden Ruler this month as our Monthly Quilt Tool giveaway.  Just leave a comment below or on our Facebook page at to be entered into the drawing.  There is nothing to purchase.

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UPDATE! #Giveaway! EZ Dresden Quilt Ruler and "Hello Fall" Charm Pack

UPDATE!!!  New Giveaway!  We will be giving away the "Pine Fresh" charm pack by Sandy Gervais for Moda from the  Drawing will be held when we reach 900 LIKES on our Facebook page.  Don't miss out!  The last one went really quickly in under 24 hours!!!  You must LIKE our page, Comment on the post and SHARE with your friends.  It's really that simple!  Leave a comment on this blog post for an additional entry. Good Luck!  Check out for the NEWEST fabrics!

UPDATE!!!  THE WINNER OF THE "HELLO FALL" DRAWING IS CAROL HAYNES!   Be sure to check out ... If you are looking for a bargain...Oh My Gosh, their Flash Sales cannot be beat!  They have all the latest fabric collections from the Major Designers, great tutorials, fun ideas, free quilting patterns. They really are SEW MUCH MORE THAN FABRIC!

The WINNER of the $35.00 Gift Certificate to is Denise Essex-Mitchell!  Congratulations Denise!!!
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Our Monthly Quilter's Tool Giveaway is for the EZ Dresden Ruler.

As I go along this month, I will post links below that I have featured on our Facebook page, so you will have one blog post to have as a reference point for fun things to do with this ruler!  There is just so much you can create and I think you will see that in the links below!  Keep checking back, I will add to the list as the month rolls along.

Quilt by Jenny Cameron

The Seasons, by Sarah Fielke from her book Material Obsessions 2
Photography by John Doughty

Sarah Fielke Inspiration

By Kelly Biscopink

Kelly Biscopink's Take on Dresden

I'll be adding sure to check back