Sunday, August 23, 2015

#La Passacaglia Quilt Along Begins

Willyne Hammerstein has created some breathtaking quilts in her book Millefiori Quilts. I thought it might be fun to do a Quilt Along of her La Passacaglia quilt. This post will contain links to obtain the book and materials so you can play along.  

Lilabelle Lane

Paper has the book in stock, as well as pre-cut paper pieces for you to use. You can cut your own, there is a pattern in the book, but it can be time consuming and personally, I would rather spend that time sewing.

To get the pre-cut paper pieces:

Note: there are several packs available, you can get a small pack for as little as $25. and as you create your rosettes, you can remove the papers carefully and reuse them. Or, you can get a starter pack for $56. or get the complete piece pack for $116.

photo by Flossie Tea Cakes
They also have acrylic templates available for you to fussy cut your fabric pieces. Now, before you go out an purchase those I want you to look at this alternative by Flossie Tea Cakes that will show you how to fussy cut your fabric bits. Check out her post here:

Photo by Flossie Tea Cakes

Okay, we have the book, we have the papers...what else do we need? This is where you can vere off, some people like to stitch their English Paper Pieces (EPP) some people like the glue method. 

I will include tutorial links for both methods and you can decide for yourself which you prefer.  

Julie Zaichuk-Ryan from Button Button

EPP hand basting method will require a needle, thread and some small scissors. It is portable, you can put it all in a little plastic baggie and take it in your purse with you anywhere. Here is a link to a tutorial for EPP basting method:

Julie Zaichuk-Ryan from Button Button
With this method, you will need to remove the basting stitches to retrieve your paper pieces after you have stitched all your pieces together.

Hexie Tutorial by Sister of The Divide

Hexies by Sister of The Divide

Here is a link for the glue method:


Check with your local quilt store, they should have the Sewline glue stick in stock, if they do not, they you can google it online and there are about a gazillion places that sell them. They run somewhere around $7.00 Fons and Porter also makes one. I will be using an Elmer's Glue Stick, you can buy them at the grocery store or most office supply stores and they run about $2.00 for three sticks. They work just fine. 

I'm going to try the glue method this go around and I'll let you know what my thoughts are.  

Here is another fabulous link for ideas and inspiration on Fussy Cutting for your La Passacaglia:  They have a great free download with lots of ideas.

Okay, I have my book and I can't wait to get my paper pieces in the mail so I can get started! I hope you'll join in the fun!

Next month I will put up a link on the blog so you can link up and share your progress as well.  Let's spur each other to the finish line!

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  1. Hi Karen!

    Love the tutorial. Lovepatchwork also has an amazing starter tutorial as well. It's a bummer that Willyne sold her quilt before the Houston show!

    - Karen