Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mid Century Color Block Table Runner - Update

My son Andrew, loves mid century style. I created this table runner for his dining table. Here's how to make this easy runner.

The fabrics I used were Michael Miller Pin Dot for the yellow
Michael Miller Painter's Canvas for the slate and Artisan Spirit by Northcott Fabrics for the turquoise.

The finished size of this table runner is 33.5" x 11.5"

I purchased 1 yard of the Slate fabric, 1/2 yard of each of the others.That is way more than you will need.  

You need some scraps of the yellow and some scraps of the turquoise. A 2.5" x 12 " strip of each will be plenty. Dig through your stash, I'm sure you have something you can use. Your runner doesn't have to be these exact colors, you can make it any way you wish.

You will need a piece of the slate fabric cut 12.5" wide by the width of the fabric.

You will need a piece for your backing that is just a bit bigger.  I like a couple inches wider and longer all the way around to allow for quilting.

You will need a piece of thin batting that is just a bit bigger than your finished runner but a tiny bit smaller than your backing.

Other items needed, cutting mat, rotary cutter, ruler, sewing machine, pins, thread...the normal stuff.

Let's get started:

Open out your slate colored fabric and measure about 12 inches in on each end.  Make a cut straight across with your rotary cutter and ruler. Set these two end pieces aside, we will reattach them later. 

Using that middle piece of fabric, cut it into random strips no smaller in width than 1 1/2". Differing widths will add interest. Lay them out and decide where you want your color blocks, make a crossways cut in your strip and insert your color block.  You can slide them a little one way or the other but there is not a lot of wiggle room, so try to get your color block where you want it before cutting your strip crossways.  

Stitch all your color blocks in place, they can be any width you want, again, mixing up the sizes adds interest.  Lay them out on your cutting mat and make sure you like the layout before you stitch the completed strips together.  Also, I would suggest that you keep your blocks away from the edge of the strips, you will be trimming this area and you don't want to lose your effect.

Stitch your strips back together to create your center panel. Once you have your center portion stitched and pressed, trim it to measure the same width as your reserve pieces.  Stitch your reserve pieces onto the center panel,  one on each end.  Layer your batting and backing and pin in place.  

Starting in the center of your center panel, stitch straight lines across through all layers, using a longer stitch to quilt it together. Roll your runner up and it will be easier to get through your machine. Stitch straight across at varying widths to create a quilted effect that you like. Move from the center to the end and then turn it around and do the same to complete your quilting. This will help to keep things smooth as you quilt.

To bind I cut 3 strips 2.5" x WOF (Width of Fabric), pieced them together and folded it in half.  I chose to bind with the slate fabric to keep the interest on the color blocks.

And there you have it! You can make one in an afternoon and have it on your table for dinner!  

Update:  They love it!  Here it is on their table.  

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