Sunday, September 6, 2015

Walk In The Park

Labor Day Weekend, staying off the road and enjoying my time working on a "Walk In The Park" designed by Debbie Caffrey.This quilt pattern is published in 4 installments in Quilt Maker Magazine, with the first installment being published in their March/April 2015 issue.

If I'm working on a detailed pattern and I'm switching up the colors from what is illustrated, it helps to have a little guide next to me as a reference.  On this paper, I glue swatches of each of the fabrics and number them to correspond to the fabrics in the pattern. Just an inexpensive glue stick works fine.  I list the name of the quilt, who designed it, the finish size, quantities of fabric needed for both the top and the backing.  I slip it into a plastic sleeve and I'm ready to go.  It helps to keep things straight when there are lots of pieces.

It would be helpful to list where you purchased your fabric, incase you want more.  In this instance I am shopping from my stash.  

One of the gals on my Facebook page says that she copies her pattern and puts it in the sleeve as well, thus preserving her magazine copy. 

Friday afternoon was spent selecting fabric and cutting.  Saturday I started sewing in the evening and decided to stay up into the wee hours. I think it was about 1am or 2 by the time I finally got to bed. The basic components were assembled. Installment 1 was completed and all was right with the world. 

Sewing at night is the best.  It's quiet. There are no interruptions. The cool night air was drifting in through the window and it was perfectly still outside.  We live in the woods and you would think it's normally very quiet at night, but actually it's not. There is a lot going on out there most nights, deer, raccoon, bear, skunks, owls, squirrels...etc.  They are a busy bunch!  But last night it was very quiet, just the sound of my sewing machine as I chain pieced the segments.

Today I spent time with my husband, made some cookies and worked on the second installment.  Tomorrow I will be finishing up installment 2 and moving on to installment 3.

If you want to make this quilt, you can order past issues of Quilt Maker Magazine here:

I hope you will check back for updates to this post as I finish each segment.

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