Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little House Quilt - Sighting Your House #3

So by now you have 2 copies of your Little House Pattern and you have created a basic Lot to build your home on.  Take your black marker again and start to number the "basic" pieces of your house, you don't need to worry about windows or doors, just number the walls and the roof for right now.  Place the exact same numbers in the same location on your second copy of your pattern.  Take one copy and cut out your house, just like a paper doll, just trim around the outside.  Leave your other copy intact.
See example below:

 Okay, now we are going to explore some perspective in sighting our Little House on our Lot.  Below you will see what happens when I place the house directly on the horizon line.  This would be a good placement for a home that is on level ground on a street perhaps or out in the prairie.  Watch the perspective change when I move the house down below the horizon line.  We are on a steep hillside so my actual horizon line would be very high behind our home.  Don't get too excited about the horizon line, you will be placing trees, shrubs, other hills, what ever excites you before you actually place your house, right now you just want to get a feel for where you want it on your lot.  It does not have to be may wish to have a pretty landscape feature to the side of your home, a waterfall perhaps or a brook, this is the time to kind of think those things out a bit and play with your vision.

Again, study the examples above, play with your Little House and see where you would like to place it on your lot.  Once you have a pretty good idea, you can do one of two things, either place a mark on your house to show where the horizon line will be, just a little mark at each side of the house; you don't need to draw all the way across.  Or if you have a digital camera, you can take a quick little shot to remind you.  Either way will work.
Okay, we are on to Step 4 - choosing our construction materials!

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