Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby Blues Quilt is Finished! And Delivered!!

The Baby Blues quilt was finished and delivered, thought I would post a final pic here and show you a sneak of the next baby quilt, made Sherbet Pips.

Soft and snuggly flannel with a pieced center strip for the backing.

Little Baby Feet strips for binding.

This was fun to finish up with those little feet!

All tucked into the box with the matching diaper tote.

Okay, here is the sneak peek for the next baby quilt.

After a little bit of input from several online quilt pals, I ordered up some red for the border which arrived yesterday, so today's project is to get that border on and then add the blocks around it.  I have ordered up a few yards of the little pips girl in the swing under the tree in white and also in pink for the back of the quilt.  Not sure which color way I will select until I see it together with the quilt.  
A dress will have to be made from the unchosen one!  Stay tuned for more!!!

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