Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Bins, Bins for Scraps!

 Blogged here Bins for Scraps!   I am so excited about this, I just finished making a box for my postal supplies and just ran across this on flicker.  OMGosh, this is perfect, I have been looking for something to sort all the scrappy pieces and this will work.  Sort by color, have the bins with your quilt stuff and you are set!

Okay, on a mission for patterns for these buckets!  Found these links

How-Tuesday Organizational Fabruckets
Bagsket Tutorial
Collapsible Bucket
How To's for Many Styles
Using a Tin Can
Using A Real Bucket
Fabric Scrap Basket
Nesting Quilted Fabric Buckets
Fabric Boxes and other nice links

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