Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easter is Coming!

Well, anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE bunnies!  Easter time is about one of my favorite times of year, just because the stores break out the bunnies in mass.  I can never resist and seem to add to my collection every year, I am getting a bit particular though.  Along with the bunnies, I enjoy making and  collecting Ukrainian Easter Eggs.  More about that when we get closer to Easter...I'll be making up a batch of eggs and will share the process.  

So this morning, I got up early and finished my little Easter Table Runner and was all set to take a little photo to share when these two jumped up and took their places!  They think I made it just for them and they want to know who the "white kitty" is.  Honey Bee is on the left and Sophie is on the right.  Well, I scooted them off once I got this photo and so here is the picture of the table runner, minus the "helpers".

I used the Lil' Twister tool which is great for making pinwheels easy!  If you don't have one and think you might like to get one, may I suggest that you get both the Lil' Twister and the Twister tools together in a packet.  You are going to want them both.  You can purchase them at CS Designs and they are also available at local quilt shops and on

The Lil' Twister tool is great to use with a Charm Pack.  Charm Packs contain pre-cut 5" squares of fabric, you just stitch them together and then use the tool as instructed to cut your squares.  Stitch them back together and you have this cute pinwheel design.  This is the first time I have used the Lil' Twister and I am pleased with the results.  I have made lots of quilts with the bigger tool, they go fast and are lots of fun as well.
Soon as I clear the decks of some other UFO's I'm thinking a big quilt, using the Lil' Twister would be real pretty.  You could make up some pinwheel fabric and then cut it to make a tote also, or book mind is racing.   Right now, I'm gonna make some cookies!  

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