Sunday, March 11, 2012

Newby Quilting Bee Class Follow-up

Great Blocks!  Lots of fun!  I enjoyed watching everyone get their blocks put together.  You gals are getting better each time we meet.  By now, you know how to cut your fabric, how to create a Half Square Triangle Unit, how to create a strip set, you have experimented with setting your components in different places in your block to arrive at completely new and different blocks, we've talked a little bit about color and contrast, you have the basics of squaring up and much more.  Check out the links on each lesson, print them out and put them in your binder for a reference.

I created the above image using BIG HUGE LABS  go there, sign up, it's free, enjoy yourself.  Put one of your blocks in the mosaic maker and do a 4 x 4 or a 6 x 6 to see how it might look in a quilt.  If you need help, call me and I'll walk you through it.  You'll be hooked!  Try out their other applications as well.

Our midday project was a little fabric basket, easy to make.  Get a sharp needle, denim or quilting.  Use braided cotton rope which you can get at ACE Hardward for cheap.  Doesn't take much to make a little basket...but you'll want to make a whole bunch of them.  Great way to use up strips of fabric.

Some of the gals chose to stay in the afternoon and we put together a little quilt top in just over an hour.  I will add some borders and solicit the help of Brenda to get it loaded on the quilter and quilted before our next meeting.  My personal goal is to have a total of 10 quilts to donate at our Harvest Festival in October.

You can get the ruler to make this quilt top at
I will suggest that you get the two pack containing both the large and small twister, cheaper in the long run and you are going to want this tool!  

Sandy was the winner of the Kaffe Fassett Charm Square packet from Angel Quilters out in Lincoln, CA.  We will have another fun surprise that you won't want to miss at the next class.

Valerie has been making some cute blocks and I told her I would put them in Mosaic Maker so she could get a feel for how they will look in a quilt.  She has lots more blocks of different types and she will have to determine the ultimate lay out, sashing or not...they are cute!  Love the fussy cut Moose!

Some Final Notes:

One of the questions Valerie asked me was about calculating the amount of fabric you need, sizes, etc.  Here are a couple of links to help you with that.

From Quilt Bug  A Yardage Calculator.

From Flying Geese Quilt Guild A Quilt Size Guide:

This is a bit premature at this point, but you can tuck it into your binder for future reference.

From Wind River Quilting A tutorial on How much fabric you need for your backing:

From Quilter's Paradise a nifty Binding Calculator:

In our next class which will be on Friday, April 13th we will be learning to make Flying Geese!  You will be expanding your skill level yet again.  See you there. And please remember, if you need help, get stuck, want to ask a question.  CALL or e-mail.  I don't bite.

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