Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Whimseys

Ruched Happy Bag
Been staying close to home, caring for my husband.  We will be heading down the hill to see the doctor tomorrow for the second post op visit after his emergency eye surgery last weekend.  So, keeping myself busy with some fun projects.  First, this little Ruched Happy Bag.  I have made lots of these.  The pattern is by Amy Friend, you can visit her website at

Then it was on to some BOM's that I am a little behind on.  First one is a block for the Vintage Block Quilt Along hosted by Charise at  The patterns are free and although they make look easy, I guarantee you they are a bit challenging.

Daisy Block #7

Crazy Anne Block #6

I finished the quilt top for my Saturdays Charms Quilt...which is a pattern that is from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  If you look back in my blog a couple entries, you will see the video that demonstrates this fun and easy quilt top.  Next, shop for border fabric, backing and binding.

My husband has called dibs on this one, he loves it...go figure.  

Then another block for the Perfect Paper Piecing group...this will be our June Block.  I am not crazy about how this photos, not enough contrast, but it looks rich in the quilt.  I will make another in the other colorway I am working, which I think will more effectively show off this block.   But I think it's important to show you what is working and not working so that you can make choices for your block that will work for you!

Circling Geese

This is the current block for the Sugar Block Club 2013 which is called Home Sweet Home.  This BOM is being hosted by Amy Gibson at  There is a nominal fee, under $10. for the year and you have access to all of her blocks for this year.  All of my blocks will have the same white background, then they will vary in shades of turquoise and gray.    Each block has a bit of a story or theme for me.  This one...which came first the bird or the egg?  

Home Sweet Home

And this little scrappy potholder, which will be for work.  We have an old beat up one that we use with the sterilizer when it's too hot, this will work just fine with insulated heat resistant batting, and it will gussy up the place.

I got the idea for this potholder from a new book I just downloaded from Kindle.  Tula Pink's City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks.  

If you have wanted to make a quilt, or a potholder, or a table runner...and you don't know how to quilt and you need to start with something easy.  If you don't want to make your grandmother's sampler quilt.   If you like the modern aesthetic, this is a book you should get.  So very easy, and such pretty results.  She gives you the nudge and let's you explore your own creativity.  Well Done!   

Well, you can see that I have a rather eclectic bunch of projects going...LOL.  Ah, isn't that the way of a quilter?  One day you feel traditional, another modern, who says you can't have it all?!


  1. Wow this is so interesting and informative. Thank you so much. Just love the way you write and explain things.

    1. Jenny, Thank you for your kind compliment! I like to make sure I put a link to additional information for folks that would like to do a project like the one I am showing. Fun to share!