Thursday, December 4, 2014

Free Tutorial - Holiday In The Pines Table Runner and A Bit About Gold Country

Living on the Divide, it's all about Holiday In The Pines.  We are literally surrounded by the Tahoe National Forest.  People come from all over the world to recreate here.  

There is an extensive OHV trail system here: USDA Government Map OHV Trail System In addition there is camping, fishing, tons of lakes, hiking, climbing...everything you would want to do in the High Sierra's. 
Sugar Pine Reservoir
Each year they hold the Tevis Cup - 100 Miles in One Day Horseback Ride and the Western States Endurance Run which follows along the Western States Trail, the historic route taken by Paiute and Washoe Indigenous Peoples, Gold Rush explorers, Comstock hopefuls, and Express Riders of the Wells Fargo and Adams Express Companies.  There is just a ton of history in this area! 

Holiday In The Pines Table Runner Tutorial

This quick tutorial will guide you in making the Holiday In The Pines table runner.  Read all the directions first.

Finished size 35.5" long and 15.5" wide.

Materials:  12 - 2.5" x WOF strips of fabric, your choice. (WOF = width of fabric) 
Thin Batting 37" x 17"
Some fabric for backing  37" x 17"
3 strips of fabric 2.5" wide x WOF for your binding

1.  Make 3 strip sets using 4 strips measure 2.5" x WOF.

These were my fabric choices.  I decided to use the same dark green pine cone fabric for both outside pieces of my strip set.

You can use any kind of fabric strips you want, they don't have to be exactly like mine.  You will want some contrast in at least one piece to create the design.  But I encourage you to play with your fabric, have fun and try different things, you may create something you like even more!

2. From your strip sets cut 60 degree triangles.  You will need 14 of these.  If you need help with cutting 60 degree triangles using a straight ruler, refer to the Candy Corn Table Topper for visual and written instruction.  If you have a 60 degree triangle ruler, by all means, use that.  Flip your ruler back and forth on the fabric to cut your triangles from both sides, this will give you no waste and create the pieces necessary for this table runner.  You will have left over triangles.

3.  Using your triangles, lay out your design so that it looks like the runner below.  Please read the notes before you start to sew.

4.  Before you start sewing, there are a couple things that will make it so much easier!  Press open all of your seams as you sew.  This will help to reduce the bulk in your final runner.  Sew one half of the runner at a time (7 triangles for each side) and then sew those two halves in one long seam down the middle, carefully matching   your points and seams, to complete your runner.  Again, press open on that long center seam to reduce bulk.  Quilt and Bind as desired.


Your quilting can be as simple as stitch in the ditch or as elaborate as you wish.  You can bind by machine or by hand.  For this runner, I stitched in the ditch and applied my binding from the back side first, mitering corners and then machine stitched from the front to finish.  You can use what every method you like.  

If you make one of these table runners, I would love to see it!  And if you are up in the Tahoe National Forest I hope you'll come visit the Divide!


  1. Where did you find this fabric for the table runner? I love it and would like to try and make one for a gift.

  2. Where did you find this fabric for the table runner? I love it and would like to try and make one for a gift.

  3. The fabric in the table runner came from JoAnn Fabrics.

  4. Hello from another Divide sister across the canyon in Georgetown! I've been looking for a way to make this using/making my own stripe thanks for the tutorial this helps me so much! Visit my blog to see the Christmas gift I made using this pattern and a border print -
    Patrica @Dogwood Lane Rambles

  5. LOVE this Pattern! Thank you so much for sharing Tutorial with us! It is Beautiful!!


  6. I was there country was beautiful. Beautiful table runner.

  7. Thank you for the tutorial. I made two and they turned out beautifully! I used some Jelly Roll fabric I had on hand. I love the scrappy/coordinated look of the Jelly Roll fabrics!

  8. I am soooo excited to try the table runner! I just bought two of the fabrics and was looking for ideas for a runner to go with my place mats I am going to make and bingo here is your beautiful idea. Gotta go get the white (my friend has some I may try to buy off her!