Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice - Yes I know I'm a bit late!

When Bonnie Hunter started her Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt in 2013, I made sure I printed out all of her directions.  Her mystery quilts are always fun.  No time that year to undertake another project so this has been in my "Que".  So this year, before Ms. Bonnie gets started on her next mystery quilt, I am going to knock this one out for my husband for Christmas.  

I've made two of Bonnie's mystery quilts so far, Easy Street and Grand Illusion.  I totally love Easy Street!  It lives on my bed and it will be quite a while before it is replaced with another.

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt Easy Street by Karen Meyer

Last year's quilt, Grand Illusion, was not my favorite.  The color palette didn't sing to me but it was fun to put together and after it was all said and done, I was satisfied with my work.

Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt by Karen Meyer

What I love about a Bonnie Hunter quilt designs is her scrappy approach and the ability to use up some fabrics that I might otherwise not be quite so enamoured with.  It's a great way to clear out some of your older stash, you know, stuff you may have purchased and then decided that it wasn't quite right for that particular quilt you were working on.  So you put it in your stash and it's been there for a thousand years, staring at you, taunting you.  This is an opportunity to clear it out and make room for something you love!

My husband has been consulting with me on the color selections for "his" quilt.  He loves purple and black so I am pulling fabrics that will give me that black read for the background and swapping out royal jewel colors for the ones in the original color palette.  I'm thinking the wild purples of the English heather...

The emerald greens of the bracken...

Of course there will be sapphire blue...

red garnet...

And gold...

Here is my initial pull, there will be tons of scraps that get worked in.

On to the cutting board we go for round 1.

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