Saturday, July 24, 2010

Batik Drunkard Design

So this is my next project, I will be doing two of is a secret for a friend and the other is for us to enjoy.  I have picked out the fabrics and will start cutting it out this weekend.  The sewing room is coming along.  Got the chair put together yesterday, $19.00 at Walmart!  John brought in the 6 foot table and I put that where grandma's cedar chest used to be.  I vacuumed and shampooed the carpet yesterday.  Looks nice.  Today I will be moving the machines in and finish putting things away in their PROPER places.  Still have lots to do so I better get started, it's almost 9am and I've been up since 6 with not much to show for it...LOL.  I did watch a Shirley Temple movie this morning though!

My finished quilt will not be as "bright" as the one shown, I have muted colors but I think it will turn out nice, just couldn't find the exact run in my fabric libraries on EQ6.

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