Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blooming 9 Patch

This is the next project that I will be quilting on Deanna's quilting machine.  She was kind enough to offer and I have been dying to get this one finished up.  This was so much fun to make.  Picking out the fabrics was the best part.  The sewing is basic strip pieced 9 patch blocks sewn together with simple squares, it actually goes together very fast.  This pattern is from the book "Tradition With A Twist" by Blanche Young and Dalene Young Stone, published by C & T Publishing 1996.  The pattern is on page 78.  Sometimes the most basic pattern can work into something wonderful.  I am delighted with this quilt top.  Below is a close up of the piecing.

One of the most helpful things my friend taught me on this quilt was to make a fabric map.  Cut a 1 inch piece of each fabric and assign it a letter or number as indicated by the pattern, helps you keep it all straight.  If you click on this photo it will open in another window and you can make out the 9 patches and the simple squares, you can see how easy it is for yourself.  Dramatic effect.  Fabrics with white or ivory bits add sparkle and others blend seamlessly, one into another...and that's the objective!

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