Saturday, April 14, 2012

Newby Quilting Bee April Recap

I thought it might be fun to recap the blocks we have done so far.  I put them in a Mosaic using  It's fun to see it coming together!  We only have three blocks to go now.   Friday was a bit of a challenge with the power going on and off due to the storms here.  I am anxious to see the blocks finished by the gals that left early.  A few of us die hards stayed and played till noon!  There are some corrections to the printout.  The "wings" of the geese should have measured 4 1/2" square and you need 8 of them.  So much for typing things up in the middle of the night!  Please forgive me.

Big thanks to Mo!  Although she could not stay and quilt with us, she scored some older quilt tops to donate and also made up this pinwheel quilt using the Twister ruler.  It turned out really cute!  Someone will be delighted to receive this.

So grateful for her generosity!   And that of others in the class that have donated blocks and fabric!  

I am washing up some donated fabric and will be stripping it up this week.  When we have our next class, in addition to making our scheduled block which will be the Dresden Fan Block...we will make a quick and easy block from strips of fabric.  All of the blocks will be collected at the end of class and we will put them into one quilt.  I think you will love this technique and will be amazed how fast it goes together.  All fabric will be precut for you.  Should you decide that you want to make more for yourself at home, this block would be a good option for a "jelly roll".  Jelly Rolls are precut strips of fabric that are generally 2 1/2 inches wide by the width of the fabric. Usually there are 40 strips in a roll.  They are fun to work with, because someone has done all the hard work of picking, cutting and blending fabrics for you.  You just start sewing!  You can find jelly rolls everywhere, they look just like they sound, a colorful roll of fabric.  

The Dresden Fan Block looks complicated to a beginner, but when you learn the secrets you will be stunned at how very easy they can be!  No paper piecing necessary!   

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