Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hot Potato Steaming Pocket Tutorial

At our Relief Society Super Saturday meeting we made these Microwave Steaming Pouches for Potatoes.

I was suppose to teach the class, but unfortunately, just before things got going, I decided to take a not so graceful fall onto my knee on the cement.  So, limping home I have been laid up for a couple weeks trying to recuperate.  I will not share pictures of the injury...don't worry.  I know most of you would like to keep your food down.   Brenda Allen was kind enough to teach the class for me.   Anyway, if you weren't able to make it to the class, here are the instructions and a mini tutorial.  They are really easy, don't over think the process.  

You will need the following:  

One piece of COTTON batting measuring 10" x 22"
Two pieces of COTTON fabric measuring 10" x 22"
Your sewing machine, some thread.

Layer as follows, batting on the bottom, one piece of cotton fabric face up on top of the batting and the remaining piece of cotton fabric face down on top of the first fabric, as shown above and below:

We are going to sew through all three layers on the short ends ONLY.  It is not necessary to pin, but if you want to do so, I would suggest that you pin as shown below so that your pins are back from the area where you will be stitching, that way you don't have to stop and remove them as you sew or worry about them getting caught under your needle.  Sew 1/2 inch from the short edge on both ends of the fabric sandwich.  Remove your pins.

Put  your hand between your fabric pieces and open it up, as shown below, you should have a loop now.  Turn this loop so that the fabric is on the outside and the batting is on the inside, Press your ends flat and top stitch the ends ONLY.

Notice again, in the picture below, as I am top stitching the ends, my pins are set back so that I have no need to stop and remove them until I am finished.

 Fold one side in and then the other, overlapping the top stitched edges by 1/2 inch.  Make sure that your Longer folded piece overlaps your Shorter folded piece as illustrated below.

Stitch 1/2 inch seam along both sides of your pouch.  I double stitched the area where the pieces overlap as that will be taking the brunt of any stress in opening and closing.    Turn your pouch and you are ready to steam some potatoes to perfection in your microwave!

Share your pictures!  I can see some of you getting very creative with this little project.  Quilting optional, patchwork optional.  Remember since this is going in the microwave, do not use fabrics that contain metallic threads, of metallic designs stamped or embossed on them.  

You may be giving this as a gift, if so, here are the directions for how to use your Hot Potato Steaming Pocket.

To use your bag: wash and dry potatoes, DO NOT PIERCE. Place potatoes in bag and place bag in microwave. Microwave per microwave manufacturer instructions. DO NOT OVERCOOK. This bag will hold from one to four potatoes. This is a great way to cook sweet potatoes.

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  1. Oh I hope you are healed! Must have been painful. I love this bag idea..should do one :)