Sunday, October 5, 2014

Over The Rainbow Table Runner

To make this runner you will need:

2 Charm Packs, one light and one medium to dark. 
(fabrics used are Over The Rainbow Batiks by Moda)

1/2 yard of fabric for backing 40-44" wide.

1/2 yard of thin cotton batting.  (I like Warm and Natural brand)

3 strips - 2.5" x WOF (width of fabric) for the binding.

1 EZ Dresden Ruler

Use the instructions shown on our blog post to create the pieces necessary for the X block.  You will need 32 charms for the X and 32 charms for the background.  Click this link for the instructions.

You will make a total of 8 blocks.  Lay your colors out first to make sure you have them in your desired location before stitching your X-blocks. Make a total of 8 X-blocks.  

I like to stitch my top block to my bottom block, and I do this for the remaining blocks. You have four pairs stitched together.  Now stitch the first set to the second and the third set to the fourth.  You have two sets of four blocks sewn together.  Now stitch those two sets together and you are done!

Make a quilt sandwich with your batting and backing fabrics and quilt as desired.  Trim your backing and batting even with your quilted top.   Stitch your binding fabric strips together on the bias, fold them in half and press them in half lengthwise.  Bind the edges of your runner, mitering your corners.

BONUS:  By cutting your fabric using this method, you will quickly see that you have (at the same time) cut the fabric for a second table runner in the opposite color position!  One for you, one for a gift?  

Fabric purchased from our friends at!

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