Friday, August 3, 2012

Brenda and Janeal's Quilt Tops - Newby Quilting Bee

Brenda has now added her wonkie border with curved corners to her quilt top and is anxious to move on to the quilting portion of the event!  We are having a ball!  This is just so pretty and crisp with the red and white.

This sweet top is made by Janeal, a first time quilter in the class.  She even created a little light house scene for her center block, very clever since their last name is Light!  Great color selections for a first time quilter, lovely contrast.  I'm sure this will be something for her too look at with pride in her accomplishment!

We will have five or six more quilt tops that I know of that gals are finishing up...check back, more pictures to come!  Those that may be following along online, if you would like to send a photo of your top when you get the sashing on, we would love to share it!

We will have a catch up day this month, for those that are at the point that their top is finished and they are ready to start assemblying their quilt top, batting and backing, bring that and we will work on that together.

You will need the following materials for your top to get it ready to quilt:

If you will be quilting your quilt on your home sewing machine:

A box or two of 2 inch safety pins.  You want to be able to pin your top every 4-6 inches.

A roll of Masking Tape.  Make sure it is a fresh roll so that you have good stickum on it!  We will be using this to tape your quilt backing to the table and your batting to that before we place your top for pinning.

Batting to stick out about 3-4 inches beyond your quilt top.  Measure your quilt top and add 6-8 inches in each direction.  I like Warm and Natural...just my choice.  Go to Beverly's or Joann's and see all the different types, make a note of what I suggested and compare them.  You can buy it on the roll or in a bag.  You can also order it online on their sites.  Make sure you use one of their coupons to get 40-50% off!  And if you don't have one, if you have the American Quilters Society card (you can get that online here: they will give you 10% off, if you are older, they will give you a 10% senior discount, just ask for it, I do!  

Backing, you will need a piece of backing fabric, again 3-4 inches wider all around than your top.  Measure your top, add 6-8 inches each direction.  You CAN piece your back, it doesn't have to be all one fabric.  You can insert an extra block, strips of various fabrics, be creative.  

Okay, so you will need, pins, tape, batting, backing and your top.

I think we are all set!

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  1. Lovely quilts! Always great to see accomplishments of newbies turn out so well!