Sunday, January 20, 2013

Results of the First PPP BOM Meeting!

So proud of all the great work that was done Friday.  We had 10 gals in attendance and another will join us at our next meeting.

Random fabric strips were given to each person and they all made exactly the same block!  Yes, that is right, they all made exactly the same block.  You can see several variations based on either fabric placement or the turn of the block to create a different focal point.  

I had a wonderful time teaching this class, the gals caught on really quickly and it will be fun to see how they do with the next challenge.  

A lot of the gals from last year and a few fresh faces!  Great Fun!!!
Looking forward to our fabric store excursion this next Friday.  We will meet at the LDS Church at 9am and car pool over.   

Please join us on Flickr, the group is Paper Piecing Perfection. 
We would love to see your blocks added to the groups as we go along.  I will get button posted on the side for a quick link to the group.  Please feel free to comment, questions and suggestions are welcome!   For those of you new to Flickr,  Flickr is a FREE website on which you can post your personal photos, create sets and groups, you can participate in other groups besides ours.  Once your join, just put our group name in the search box and search for our group, join the group and then you are free to post your blocks and contribute to our discussions.  Again, there is no cost to join Flickr or our group, it's just a means of electronically sharing our work.  Come join us!

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