Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Doll Quilt

Every year I try to make a few things for my little dolly.  I still have the doll from my childhood in the 1950's, along with all the clothes that my mother made for her.  I never gave her a name, isn't that interesting?  Anyway, she needed a new quilt this year and I started this one before Christmas, but my machine was on the fritz so we have had to wait until now to finish it.

The gals in the quilting class have expressed an interest in making the twister quilt.  This will be a good small example of the technique.  I used random 5 inch squares to make this quilt.  A charm pack would be perfect.  Or for a larger quilt, a layer cake.

Those socks do not match!

I'm working on a little Valentine's Dress for her next!  This is one I made a few years ago...

Isn't my husband great, holding up all her little things so I can take photos?  I love him!  He totally indulges me.

Well, off to bed, it's a work day tomorrow.

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