Sunday, July 22, 2012

Flouncy T-Shirt Dress, Strappy Sun Dress and A Tutu!

We are heading over to Mendocino County the first weekend in August to see our Granddaughter Maliyah who will be celebrating her 1st birthday.  I am whipping up some little frocks to take over.
One of the gals that I work with, Michelle, is having her first granddaughter and she made some little onesies like this.  I absolutely loved the idea so I copied her!

Here's how I made it.  I cut two pieces of fabric for the is 9 inches by width of fabric and the other is 11 inches by width of fabric.  I serged together the short ends of each strip of fabric to create two bands.  Then I folded them in half with wrong sides together and laid them one on top of the other (no hemming this way).  To gather them, I placed a cotton string next to the raw edge and zig zagged careful not to catch the string.  Before drawing up the ruffle, I marked the piece in quarters and pinned those quarters to the quarters of the t-shirt. (front, back and sides)  Then I pulled the string to gather the skirt.  Pinned the ruffles in place and then surged them onto the skirt.  It really is that quick and that easy!

Starting on dress #2 which will be completely different!  More to be revealed!  Finished #2 and a tutu this morning.  Have to go get some pink and lavender ribbons to work into the tutu...on our way to town now!  

Grandma is having fun!

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