Sunday, July 29, 2012

Swooning on a Sunday

We are waiting for my son to arrive to spend the day with us.  He lives up the hill in Squaw Valley.  We are planning a family Sunday Bar-B-Que together.  I will enjoy his visit.  While waiting for him to arrive, I finished sewing Block #6 for my Swoon Quilt.  I spent the better part of yesterday fussy cutting the fabric for this.  Each block in the quilt will be different and I am playing with placement now, trying to decide what will go where and where the color focus should be for the remaining blocks.

There are many elements in this block that I love...What delights me most about this particular block are the "torches" in the 4 corners.  When you are back from the quilt, they really stand out.  

The Swoon Quilt Block is very easy and completely suitable for a beginner.  I have just taken it to a different level with the Stack center and the fussy cutting.  You do not have to do that.  Here is a link for the pattern:

You can see from the pattern that it can be a very modern, stylish and simple quilt, beautiful in it's simplicity.  To see some other examples of how folks have completed this pattern you can look on Flickr at The swooning on a hop along group, here is a link:

Now, I am going to look at cutting out the next block while we are waiting for Andrew!  Who knows, I might just get another one done today!

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